Your pet’s care is our number one concern

At Clearview Veterinary Hospital, we provide care for every stage of your pet’s life, including the more difficult procedures that require surgery. Whether your pet is ill or injured, our highly qualified staff is trained to perform surgery in order to prevent future injury or the spread of disease pertaining to specific conditions.

While under our care, we make sure that you, as the pet parent, are confident with the procedure and understand what the process is going to look like. Before your pet’s surgery, we ask that you schedule a routine appointment to diagnosis any existing conditions, and for a complete and thorough evaluation. We understand that surgery is a big deal, so only once we have exhausted our other less-invasive options, will we suggest that your pet receives surgery.

From a routine spay or neuter to a more intensive surgery like bladder stone removal, it is our promise to make your pet as comfortable as possible, giving you peace of mind about the attention they receive.

Adhering to the highest level of satisfaction with our care, we put an emphasis on your pet’s health, ensuring they are comfortable throughout the entire treatment. Before your surgery day, we make sure that you are at ease, ensuring that your pet is in wonderful hands while providing you with a list of what you need to do before your surgery day. From the time your pet arrives at our office, they will be monitored by our trained technicians throughout the entire surgery and recovery process. After your pet’s surgery is complete, we send you home with all medications to ensure complete care when they are back home.

For more information about the surgeries we perform, contact us today.