Flea prevention is a constant concern for many pet owners in Louisiana. With our humidity and relatively warm winters we find these unwanted passengers hanging around year round! So what do you need to know? Your flea prevention method and how strict you are about it is really going to depend on the environment of your backyard and in your home. The safest thing to do will always be to keep your pets on year-round prevention. If your dog or cat is prone to itchy skin or has allergies of any kind it is even more important to keep them on year round prevention.

    Your pet’s risk of flea exposure:

Outdoor pets- (Or pets that spend a fair amount of time outside) this is the group that will be most likely to end up infested with fleas, this is the group most important to keep on flea prevention year-round.
Indoor/outdoor pets- (or indoor cats that live in houses with indoor/outdoor pet) your outdoor environment will have a significant effect on how likely it will be for your pet to pick up fleas. If you have any stray cats, possums or other wildlife in your neighborhood you will be more likely to have your pets pick up fleas outside
Indoor only pets- You may never have flea problems or have only occasional flea problems, keep in mind that to consider a pet indoor only it means they NEVER go outside even to go to the bathroom. If your neighborhood has a lot of stray cats, possums or other wildlife you may accidentally have a flea hitch a ride on your pant leg into the house.

Next week we will talk about types of flea prevention. In the meantime if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call (504) 456-0240 or email us at info@clearviewvet.com