1. We’re Moving!

    Clearview Veterinary Hospital has some wonderful news that we are excited to share with all of our new and long standing clients, we are moving!  In order to remain your premier Veterinary Hospital in Metairie, we have located a new home which is close to our current hospital, yet offers much more boarding and outdoor walking space for our four legged friends.  Our new home will remain near the …Read More

  2. Flea Prevention Part 2

    How can you control fleas around your home? The most important thing to realize is that even if your pets are indoor only it will take you about three months to eradicate an infestation assuming no new fleas are introduced into your home. (This doesn't mean that you have to deal with living fleas for the next three months, it just means there may be fleas hatching out for that long) The adult flea…Read More

  3. Flea Prevention

    Flea prevention is a constant concern for many pet owners in Louisiana. With our humidity and relatively warm winters we find these unwanted passengers hanging around year round! So what do you need to know? Your flea prevention method and how strict you are about it is really going to depend on the environment of your backyard and in your home. The safest thing to do will always be to keep your p…Read More